In scientific studies, relations between science and sharing is the most important factor that increases success. The main feature of the 21st century world is to create common works among the disciplines and to provide the developments that will benefit the people and the world in a concrete sense.

For this purpose, at the Congress that will be held in Yalova between 14-17 February 2019, the following fields/papers may be presented:

Educational Sciences

Fine Arts

Social Sciences


Health Sciences

Sports Sciences

We aim that the scientists who come together on such a wide area and on a ground where the work will be discussed, will sign beautiful works for the future with the results and experiences they will gain.

In the field of Social Sciences taking into account the historical and cultural richness of the region, separate sessions will be organized for the papers on “History, Literary, Geographical and Cultural Aspects of the Past to Present Yalova and its Surroundings” subjects.

With the participation of leading experts/researcher and the participation of scientists from Turkey and the different centers of the world, we are proud to present the papers that will be offered at UBAK in Yalova to the benefit of the science world.

We hope that the book collection that will comprise in this series of Congresses will be the basis for future academic studies.