The main aim of this congress is to introduce scientific publications according to their topics in Social and Education Sciences after these academic studies are negotiated in a scientific area.

 In line with this aim, all abstracts will be approved from all the fields of Social and Education Sciences in 5th International Social and Education Sciences Studies Congress, being held on 11 – 14 July, 2019 in Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University.

It is aimed to get together on a platform on which these academic studies from Social and Education Sciences will be discussed in order to create well-structured studies because of experiences gained from this congress and conclusions come here.

Taking historical and cultural richness of the area into account, there will be organised different sessions for the papers including topics such as Historical, literary, economic and cultural aspects of Bandırma from past to present.

We are proud to announce that papers, presented in 5th International Social and Education Sciences Studies Congress, in Bandırma with the participation of academicians who are good at their fields from Turkey and different parts of the world, are going to be made available to science world. We are expecting that collections of books which are formed in these courses of congresses will be the basis of future academic studies.

With any subject in the following branches of science can be applied for Congress: