4th International Scientific Research Congress 


( 14 – 17 February 2019 / Yalova)


Dear Researchers,

           In scientific studies, relations between science and sharing is the most important factor that increases success. The main feature of the 21st century world is to create common works among the disciplines and to provide the developments that will benefit the people and the world in a concrete sense. For this purpose, we have planned to bring scientists together who conduct research in different disciplines   

Hereby, with the academic contributions of the Yalova University, Journal of History Studies (JHS), Altinova Municipality and Subasi Municipality, we have planned to organize the 4th International Scientific Research Congress (UBAK) in Yalova, Marmara’s pretty city, between 14-17 February 2019.

The congress sessions will be held on the campus of Yalova University. After the presentation of the papers, the participants will be able to visit Yalova and its surroundings.

The Congress is organized with taking into consideration the "New Academic Incentive Criteria”.

On this occasion, we welcome you to this magnificent science feast in Yalova, the city of history, culture, art, termal and tourism between 14 and 17 February 2019.

 The summary booklet will be published with ISBN number.

The papers to be submitted during the congress will be published in Berikan Publishing House, which has an international status, after being refereed.